The Club provides free transportation for all Club members.

Transportation Routes

Club to Public and Charter Schools

We transport from the Club to all Nashua public schools as well as three charter schools – Gate City Charter, Micro Society, and Academy of Science – for members participating in before-school programming.

School to Club

We transport from 21 Nashua schools to the Club for members participating in after-school programming.

Club to Bus Stops

For Clubhouse members (grades 4-6) and in our Teen program members, (grades 7-12) we transport to bus stops from the Club at the end of the night.

For Field Trips and Events

Club members are also transported on field trips, sporting events, college tours and more!

To take advantage of this free service, to acquire a Boys & Girls Club bus pass for your child, or to learn more, contact the Club at 603-883-0523 or email.

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