Club Leadership

We work hard to attract the highest caliber employees possible. Our primary focus is delivering safe, affordable, high-quality youth programming. That goal can only be achieved if we have an amazing team of employees who are dedicated to that cause. Below are the bios of some of our team members.

Executive Director: Craig Fitzgerald

Contact Craig if you would like to set up a Discovery Tour of the Club, or if you are a business partner or Club supporter looking to get more involved with the Club’s mission.

Contact Craig via email or at extension 231

First and foremost, Craig is a Club kid! He started his journey at the Nashua Boys & Girls Club when he was eight years old and was an active Club member from 1985 to 1995. His very first job was at the Nashua Club, working part-time as both a dishwasher and a laundry room attendant. After high school, Craig served in the military as an Air Force Pararescueman, providing front-line combat and humanitarian search, rescue, and medical assistance to severely wounded military and civilian personnel. He has a bachelor’s degree in history from Dartmouth College, and a master’s degree in business administration from Harvard Business School. Prior to his current role, Craig was a business management consultant, helping medium to large-scale companies improve their business processes and navigate organizational change. Craig has dedicated his life to helping people in need and was inducted into Boys & Girls Clubs America’s Alumni Hall of Fame in 2007 for his community service efforts on behalf of underserved populations.

Senior Director of Program Operations: Janail Archer

Contact Janail for questions regarding Project Succeed and/or other Nashua School District Partnerships, or if you’re another non-profit looking to partner with the Club to deliver high quality youth programs.

Contact Janail via email or at extension 229

Janail has served as a youth and family services professional for over thirteen years and has worked at the Nashua Club for a total of eight years. She has previously worked in a variety of Human Services roles for both the State of New Hampshire and the City of Nashua to identify needed resources, facilitate community partnerships, raise awareness, and advocate for the protection of vulnerable children in Greater Nashua. Prior to her current role, Janail worked as a Foster Care Program Director where she oversaw the recruitment, licensing, and management of over 75 licensed foster homes. As a Boys & Girls Club of Greater Nashua alumna and former State Youth of the Year (2005), Janail has a first-hand understanding of the impact the Club can have on its members and their families. Janail serves as the Club’s Quality Programming Lead and is committed to ensuring that we are providing the best programs and services possible for the children who need us most. Janail has a bachelor’s degree in human services with a concentration in community service from Mount Saint Mary College, and a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership from Southern New Hampshire University. She is a Certified Prevention Specialist.

Senior Director of Advancement: Meghan Fitzgerald

Contact Meghan if you would like to partner with our Club to provide a financial contribution, sponsor or attend one of our fundraising events, include the Club in your will, or provide an in-kind gift.

Contact Meghan via email or at extension 258

Meghan oversees the resource development team and is accountable for all aspects of Club fundraising: grants, donations, and our three fundraising events. She has been engaged in the nonprofit sector for over twelve years in a variety of positions, including fundraising, program development and implementation, and board service. She is dedicated to empowering the next generation of leaders for our community. Meghan first joined the Nashua Club as a volunteer in 2021, and then as resource development team member managing grants and fundraising events. Meghan has a bachelor’s degree in geography with a minor in ethics from Dartmouth College, where she was a two-sport Division 1 athlete (field hockey and softball), and a master’s degree in public administration with a focus in nonprofit management from Johns Hopkins University. She is currently an elected school board member in NH’s SAU16 School District.

Senior Director of Business Operations: Ashley Fudala

Contact Ashley if you have questions about Building Rentals, Food Services, Safety, Youth Mental Health Services, Substance Use Prevention, and/or Aquatics Programming.

Contact Ashley via email or at extension 228

Ashley has worked at Boys & Girls Clubs for over ten years and has been at the Nashua Club for seven years. During this time, she has worked in a variety of capacities to include youth programming, fundraising and resource development, and program management. Ashley currently oversees the Club’s day-to-day business operations, and youth programming that is focused on social emotional wellness and substance use prevention. Ashley currently serves as the president of Yankee Chapter, the local chapter of Boys & Girls Club of America’s Professional Association focused on enhancing cross-Club collaboration and the professional advancement of Club professionals. She also serves on the Nashua Education Foundation’s board, serves as an ambassador for the Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce, and sits on Nashua’s Public Health Advisory Committee. Ashley has a bachelor’s degree in Sports/ Event/ Entertainment Management, with a dual minor in Sales & Marketing and Facility Management from Johnson & Wales University.

Senior Director of Finance: Katie Kapsimalis

Contact Katie if you have any questions regarding Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Grant-related Financials, or any other Finance and Accounting-related questions.

Contact Katie via email or at extension 

Katie oversees all aspects of the Club’s Finance and Accounting department. She brings over sixteen years of Finance and Accounting experience to our Club and has a strong track record of excellence whereby she has streamlined accounting processes, reduced costs, and ensured strict adherence to generally accepted accounting principles. Katie started her career at The Paper Store, serving in several roles ranging from Accounts Payable Associate to Associate Operations Controller over the course of thirteen years. Prior to her current role at the Club, Katie served as the Director of Finance, Human Resources, and Operation for The Food Project, a Massachusetts-based non-profit. Katie has a bachelor’s degree from Fitchburg State University.


Senior Director of Childcare & Early Learning: Robyn Noel

Contact Robyn for questions related to the Club’s Early Learning Center and child care services.

Contact Robyn via email or at extension 219

Robyn brings twenty-years of child care training and work experience to the Club’s Early Learning Center. She has worked at all levels of the child care continuum, and held roles ranging from Lead Teacher, to Curriculum Director, to Assistant Director, to Center Director. She has also worked as an Early Intervention Specialist and as an Enforcement Officer for the Department of Health and Human Services. Her expansive knowledge and experience working in various child care and early learning environments has been instrumental in the Club’s expansion of child care services to include infants and toddlers. In her role, Robyn is responsible for the hiring of all Early Learning and Child Care staff, for the growth and development of that team, and for ensuring ongoing compliance with all state child care licensing requirements. She is passionately dedicated to the growth and development of our youngest Club members, and values ongoing communication and engagement with parents and guardians to achieve that outcome. Robyn has a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Vermont.

Director of Child Care & Early Learning: Caitlin Hammond

Contact Caitlin for questions related to the Club’s Early Learning Center and Child Care services.

Contact Caitlin via email or at extension 220

Caitlin has been a part of the Early Education field for 7 years. She had the opportunity to get her foot in the door when she was just seventeen years old as an Assistant Teacher in a childcare setting. After high school, she obtained her bachelor’s degree in education and community leadership, with a minor in English from Rivier University. Caitlin’s senior capstone at Rivier University led her right into a Director of Child Care role immediately following graduation. With a wide array of work experiences in both the classroom setting and the administrative side of child care, Caitlin brings an amazing perspective to the Club and to the community. She has been an integral part of the Club’s effort to continually enhance the quality of our curriculum-based early learning programming, and in our efforts to have more seamless communication and engagement with the parents and families we serve.

Director of Member & Donor Services: Christine Lessard

Contact Christine for questions regarding Club membership registrations, Club transportation services, and starting in July 2023, donor payment inquiries.

Contact Christine via email or at extension 232

Christine has worked at the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Nashua for ten years! She is an alumna of the Nashua Club, whose first job was working as a Jr. Staff member in our Club’s front office. Christine oversees all the Club’s front office operations, including Club member registrations, management of the Club’s member database, and the measurement and tracking of programming outcomes. She also coordinates all transportation activities, which includes five vans and two buses, and provides morning, afternoon, and evening transportation for our Club members. Beginning in July of 2023, Christine will assume management responsibilities of the Club’s donor database and will serve as the primary point of contact for all donor payment inquiries. Through all her years working at the Club, Christine has helped and coached hundreds of Club members through their very first job in the front office, and helped them prepare for college. Christine has been recognized as Boys & Girls Club of Americas Yankee Chapter Support Professional of the Year for her efforts on behalf of Nashua’s youth.

Director of Cultural Arts: Cristhian Londono

Contact Cristhian if you would like to learn more about the art programs the Club offers.

Contact Cristhian via email or at extension 215

Cristhian is a talented artist and muralist who has worked in the art field for eight years, and in the Boys & Girls Club movement for three years. He is an avid learner and teacher who is dedicated to helping all young people express themselves through cultural arts. Cristhian is a Boys & Girls Club alumnus fluent in Spanish, having first come to the United States when he was 15 years old. He has helped to make an impact in Nashua as a community connector, as a soccer coach at Nashua High School North, and through his volunteerism with Grow Nashua. Cristhian’s dedication to the community extends beyond Nashua, as he is also working to create a new movement in Honduras that connects different artists in the area through mural festivals that he helps to organize and donates supplies to. He has also worked to help farmers in Colombia create a recycling program. Cristhian is a graduate of Nashua High School North, attained two years of liberal arts education from Nashua Community College, and is certified as an elementary English teacher in Colombia.

Director of Clubhouse Services (Grades 4-6): Molly McAvoy

Contact Molly for any questions about Clubhouse-aged youth programming, or for questions regarding the Club’s Camp Ohana-Nash (our Summer Camp)

Contact Molly via email or at extension 222

Molly is a Club alumna who has worked in the youth service field for twelve years. Molly oversees all youth programming for grades 4 through 6, has been integral in expanding the Club’s curriculum-based programming, and is leading the Club’s effort to expand our literacy program. She also oversees the day-to-day operations of the Club’s Clubhouse summer program offerings. Molly is credentialed as a New Hampshire Childhood Teacher Level 4 and has experience teaching a number of age groups to include toddlers, preschool and school-aged children. She is trained in Commedia del Arte, and is currently close to attaining her bachelor’s degree in early childhood education.

Director of Teen Services (Grades 7-12): Erica Russell

Contact Erica for any questions regarding Teen Services, College Preparation, or Job Readiness.

Contact Erica via email or at extension 237

Erica is a Club alumna with over five years of experience working in the Boys & Girls Club movement. She oversees all operational and programming aspects of the Club’s Teen programming. Erica manages providing fun and engaging activities for youth aged 13-18, with program areas of focus include: academic success, college readiness, career exploration, basic life skills, and leadership development. Erica is both a recreation and youth development enthusiast with a passion for helping our members reach their full potential. She enjoys being an advocate for teens and cultivating meaningful relationships. Erica has a bachelor’s degree in recreation management from Springfield College.

Director of Athletics: Aasim Sullivan

Contact Aasim if you are interested in learning more about the athletic opportunities offered at the Club.

Contact Aasim via email or at extension 254

Aasim manages all aspects of the Club’s athletic programming, which offers numerous opportunities for Nashua youth to engage in organized and recreational athletics. Aasim is a Boys & Girls Club alumnus, who attended summer camp at the Boys and Girls Club of Wallkill, NY as a child. He went on to become a camp counselor-in-training at the age of 15, before becoming a camp counselor and eventually a camp coordinator at the age of 22. Since then, Aasim has continued to work in the sports world of sports in positions to include coaching and nation-wide athletic competition coordination, all while being committed to the Boys & Girls club movement. Aasim Sullivan graduated from the State University of New York at Delhi with his associate degree in recreation and sport management, and his coaching certificate. He then transferred to the State University of New York, where he graduated in 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in sports management.

Professional Opportunities

The Club is always looking for caring, qualified, and professional people to serve our members and help to support Club operations. If you are passionate about youth and youth development, we may have a position for you. The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Nashua is an equal opportunity employer.