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Stories From the Club

Who We Are

A Challenge Overcome

When Janell first brought her kids to the Club, she was at a very challenging time in her life. As a single parent to three young kids, she had trouble making ends meets and struggled to maintain structure and security amidst so many unanswered questions: Where will my kids go while I’m at work? What can I do to ensure their safety and success? How can I provide for them all on my own?

“I was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated,” said Janell. “My kids were just starting public school and behavior was an issue. They were acting out at school and home. I worried about them being home alone and needed a place I knew they’d be safe while I worked. The Club became the place my children could get what they needed, especially at a time when I didn’t have it to give.”

Over the course of four years, the Club remained a constant in Janell’s life; always there to meet her kid’s needs whether through free daily snacks and meals, free transportation to and from the Club, and homework help after school. Through relationships developed with staff members, her children have grown in confidence and have discovered individual passions by participating in athletic, academic, and cultural arts programs.

I know the Club is the place to go when you need someone to talk to, opportunities, a meal, or even just a friend,” said Janell.

Janell has also broadened her skills and ability to provide more for her family. For 12 years, she studied infant and child care at Rivier University, completing a work study program while taking classes. After graduating she took a job as an infant teacher where she developed a curriculum to help parents understand the child’s first years of their life and the critical stage of development that follows as they become more independent toddlers.

“I bring a passion for working with children and have always believed in providing children with opportunities to discover their greatness within,” said Janell.

Soon after, the Club accepted her application to work with Club members ages 5-8 and opened the door for Janell to positively impact kids through her impressive set of skills, experience, and passion. She now serves as the Club’s Kids Club Director and works hard to provide other Club members ages 5-8 with the same enriching experience and opportunities for success her kids receive at the Club. Today, she and her family are flourishing.   

“It’s never easy to leave your prize possession. I have three,” said Janell. “It took a lot of faith to leave them in the care of someone else. I know asking for help is never easy, but it seriously takes a village to raise a child. I am so grateful to the Club for being there through it all.”

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