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2022-2023 School Year Programs

Club Programs

School year programs at the Club:

Explore, Learn & Have Fun!

Achieve academic success, make healthy life choices, and reach your full potential in a safe environment...

Join us at the Club this fall

To submit your Kids Club deposit and/or to pay for your child's annual membership, please complete the form below:

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Deposit: grades K-3 (Kids Club) before and/or after school care
Deposit: grades 4-6 (Clubhouse-aged) before school care
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Your security code is the 3-digit code at the end of the signature field on your card's back.

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Don't forget to submit your child's membership registration documents! You can download them below:

To download our Kids Club member registration forms for grades K-3, please click here

To download our Clubhouse & Teen member registration forms for grades 4-12, please click here.

If you would like your child in grades 4-12 to take our vans from the Club to your home at night, please contact our Club for a bus pass at 603-883-0523 or by email!


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