Alumni Tell Us What the
Club Means to Them…


J.W. Williams

J.W. Williams– “There was a time when I felt that my home wasn’t a home and I felt lost and alone. One day my friend told me to chill with him at the Club and I fell in love with it. The Club was a home when I needed a place to be me and be free to let my light shine and give me the strength to make my home a home. I am so grateful because they are saving lives and the Club saved mine.”


Isaac Tesfay– “I would not be the man I am today if it weren’t for the dedicated staff of this Club and their unrelenting dedication to my personal and social development.”


Janail Archer– “Without the Club, I would not be where I am today. I continue to hold a relationship with staff at the Club. I know the Club will always be there to support me.”


Dan McShea

Dan McShea– “The Club sparked my interest in computers and technology and helped me grow into what I’ve become today. Now I am able to give some of my own time back to a place that gave me years of its own.”


Jhanise Cardona

Jhanise Cardona– “I just wanted to thank the Club and everyone that works there for being so amazing and never stopping to push me to be the best version of me possible. I could have been anywhere at this point in my life but because of the Club I am now 19 years of age, making an amazing salary and finishing my nursing degree in the process. I owe this Club everything.”

*** Karina Rodriguez

Karina Rodriguez– “The Club taught me that no matter the challenges in my background, the future holds all sorts of possibilities. My peers and other members now view me as a leader as I achieve dreams that the Club staff encouraged me to pursue. The Club is not only my home, it is my family.”


Now is your Chance to Share Your Stories…

We welcome you as a former member of either the Boys Club or the Boys & Girls Club to share your favorite stories and memories of our Club and its staff with us.

We recognize your unique perspective on the Club and the staff that were here during your time as a Club member and value your experience. Follow the highlighted link above to the Alumni Form and be sure to include your name and the years you attended the Club. We look forward to hearing from you!