Scholarship Dinner

Scholarship Dinner

2018 Scholarship Recipient Alison speaking with Scholarship Donor Dr. Moheban at the 2018 Scholarship Dinner

55 million jobs will be available in the economy through 2020

35% of jobs will require at least a bachelor’s degree.

30% of jobs will require some college or an associate’s degree.

36% of jobs will require other types of training besides a college degree

Whether our members pursue a traditional college education, trade school, or apprenticeships, we provide opportunities to  work toward their own Great Futures. Our goal is to have every teen member graduate high school on time with a plan for their future. This starts with their involvement in the Club’s academic success programs and continues with scholarships that allow them to achieve their educational and career ambitions.

The growing cost for an education coupled with state funding cuts have left more students struggling to pay for their eduations forcing them to take on jobs and loans. Often, students are forced to drop out of college due to the difficulty of balancing work and studies.

Because of amazing scholarship donors, we are able to extend scholarships to dozens of Club members and alumni for educational opportunities, including tuition for colleges and universities, participation in medical training and licensing programs, trade programs and more! Check out this program detailing the future pursuits of our 2020 Scholarship Recipients.

You can help our members work toward their goals by providing scholarship support. Support can be through a one-time gift, multi-year pledge or through the establishment of an endowed scholarship fund in your name or in the name of someone you would like to honor.

You will have the opportunity to meet scholarship recipients at the Annual Scholarship Dinner where we celebrate the achievements of our graduating Club members and alumni and award them funds to pursue their future college and career goals.

Please contact the Chief Development Officer by phone at (603) 883-0523 x211 or by email to discuss ways you can support our youth!