R.E.Y.E.S Family Field Day


Kendell and Kristin Reyes with their two children


Club alumnus Kendall Reyes, a Nashua native and NFL Player, was interested in providing an opportunity for youth in the Nashua area. He and his family decided to come together to establish the R.E.Y.E.S. Family Field Day (Re-Engaging Youth through Exercise and Sport) to ensure athletic opportunities for all youth.

Kendall, his wife Kristen, and their family and friends raise funds for the Field Day by hosting a fundraising event for adults that includes a night of prizes, food, and entertainment!

Reyes has held the R.E.Y.E.S Family Field Day at the Club for six consecutive years with proceeds going to support the Club and provide scholarship awards to members pursuing secondary education. These scholarship funds are designated to High School Seniors who have been actively involved in their community and in promoting a healthy lifestyle including athletics, nutrition and positive life habits.


Reyes Field Day

Kids participating in the 100 meter dash during the REYES Family Field Day

Kendall says, “I would like you to join us in our quest to bring the positive focus back to the youth of Nashua by supporting the programs that do just that! These programs play pivotal roles in the mental and physical development of Nashua’s most prized investment: our youth.”

To see pictures from last year’s event, click here!

For additional information or any questions, please contact the Assistant Development Director at 603-883-0523 x228 or by email.