Longtime Board Member and Trustee Mike Jeans and his wife Rosemary tell us in their own words why making a lifetime commitment to supporting the Club is important to them:

“There are many organizations that provide services to youth who are in need. We know that the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Nashua is special among these organizations. When we moved back east and I began working in Nashua, I was introduced to the then current Executive Director Dominic Giovanazzo who encouraged me to join the Nashua Club board. This started a 22 year “love affair” with the Nashua Club.

Beyond the great leadership in the Club, beyond its very dedicated and talented staff, and beyond the many awards the Club has won for excellence among its peers in the Boys and Girls Club of America, is the plain fact that we have affected countless young lives for the better…and continue to do this every day.

Wandering the halls of the Club, chatting with young members, or helping to select the Youth of the Year are all ways that we have seen first-hand the good that the Club is doing for our youth. As regular attendees of our annual “Bids for Kids” auction, we have also come to understand that there is a broad and committed community of donors that hold our same belief in the Club’s good work and support this by sharing their treasure year after year.

For all these reasons, Rosemary and I happily make our annual donations to our Club. Just as important is our long-term commitment as Heritage Club members who have included “the Club” in our estate plans. We cannot think of a better investment in today’s youth and in our future leaders…and we actually get the chance to see first-hand the results of our contributions! This is a special place.”