97% of Club members expect to graduate high school.

87% of Club members eat fruits and vegetables at least once daily.

75% of teens volunteered at least once in the past year; 53% of teens volunteered at least once per month.

*Statistics are from our National Outcomes Data Analysis report

Providing a great Club experience means we meet youth where they are, and understand what they need to grow and succeed. In doing so, we emphasize three key outcome areas: Academic Success, Good Character and Citizenship, and Healthy Lifestyles. These focus areas provide a platform for helping kids build the skills and relationships needed to achieve Great Futures.

Good Character and Citizenship

As youth are taught to be productive, caring, responsible citizens through high-quality programs and staff who model good behavior, they are more likely to carry these values with them when they leave the Club. In addition to fostering accountability, we also help young people develop leadership skills, a sense of civic duty and an understanding of the value of giving back to their community.

Academic Success

Every person has strengths and gaps when it comes to learning—and it’s our job to help kids figure out where their greatest potential lies. Whether through tutoring or homework help, access to technology, college or career readiness programs or skills development, our Club has an outstanding track record of helping young people make academic strides. The success of our programs can be seen by the achievements of our youth, as we guide them along the road to high school graduation, with a solid plan for the future.

Healthy Lifestyles

In the important hours between when school gets out and dinner is served, we have an obligation to make sure the kids and teens who spend time with us are achieving social, emotional and physical wellness. From anti-bullying initiatives to building self-esteem and confidence to providing healthy nutritious meals and snacks, free of charge, to offering a wide range of athletic programs, our Club offers a breadth of ways that kids can develop healthy habits for life.