Club member Trinity is an active Keystone member who’s been making great strides towards a successful future.

Before joining the Club four years ago, Trinity mostly kept to herself and was hesitant to get involved. Much of her focus was directed to her dad who’s suffering from chronic illness and has been in and out of the hospital undergoing multiple surgeries since she was seven. Gradually, she began accepting the support of staff mentors who encouraged her to join leadership programs like Keystone Club. Since then, she’s grown in confidence, made deeper connections within the Club and often takes the initiative to be part of new projects and programs. She has also excelled outside of the Club, participating more in school, opening herself up to new experiences, and maintaining her good grades of all A’s and B’s.

Currently, she’s serving as Vice President of the Club’s teen leadership group Keystone Club through which she volunteers regularly, has been selected as our Youth of the Month, and was a Youth of the Year finalist! In the future, she wants to pursue higher education and get a degree in psychology to help children who are in need of mental and emotional support. She also has ambitions of becoming Youth of the Year!

“I have changed so much at the Club,” said Trinity. “I now feel more confident and motivated to reach my goals. I always encourage more people to join the Club. It has so many programs to help build yourself up and if you get involved, talk, and meet new people, they’ll help you get to where you want to be.”