Through its continuous support as a global organization, BAE Systems has made an extraordinary impact on the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Nashua. We are especially thankful for the leadership of Guy Montminy who has served on the Club’s Board for the past two years.

Guy is the Senior Vice President and Deputy General Manager of BAE Systems’ Platforms & Services sector. He has championed financial support of the Club and has helped improve efficiencies by sharing his business expertise.

Fully integrating BAE Systems’ vision for corporate responsibility, he has advocated for other employees to become involved at the Club in the areas of technology, safety, workforce development, and digital marketing. Together, they are strengthening the programs offered to the young people of Greater Nashua who need it most.

Guy stated, “As individuals we each have responsibilities to ourselves, to those around us, and to the communities we serve—especially our youth. To secure our future workforce, it’s imperative that every child is afforded the opportunity to grow and be successful. I’m proud to support a program that fosters this growth and promotes a brighter future for young people throughout the greater Nashua area.”