Club member Alex has been a member of the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Nashua since the fifth grade and is currently completing his senior year. During that time, he’s taken advantage of every opportunity to succeed, involving himself in Career Launch, College Prep, and many of the Club’s sports programs including Basketball and Wresting.  Alex also became a Junior Staff member his sophomore year, acting as a mentor for younger Club members in the games room and helping to serve and prepare free meals for Club members in the kitchen.

“Working with these kids makes me so happy,” said Alex. “I always try to my best to be a mentor to these kids because they always put a smile on my face. Just getting to see them and do something for them makes me feel really good.”

His drive to be a mentor for others comes from the support received at the Club through his own staff mentors, including Tim Davidian who serves as the Club’s Athletic Director.

“Alex is a kid who comes here every day and gets the most out of the Club,” said Tim. “He engages in activities and demonstrates a real strength of character. He’s just an all-around great kid with a big heart and it’s been a pleasure to get to know him. I know he’ll find success in the future.”

Alex said, “I look up to my mentors so much. They’ve served as a much needed father figure in my life. My father left a few years after I started coming to Club. That hit me hard and I really didn’t have a role model in my life for a while until I came to the Club. My mentors have always been there when I needed anything and helped me become a better person. I’m so happy that I’ve had the opportunity to work with these amazing people. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

Alex is now on track to graduate high school with three acceptance letters to Plymouth, Keene, and Rivier University under his belt. He plans to major in Biology and work towards his career goal of becoming a teacher or a full-time staff member of the Club.

“I would really love to see the Club in my future,” said Alex. “I can see my kids going here and enjoying the same great experiences I’ve had. The Club can make a big change in anyone’s life and, as time goes on, I feel it will continue to be true and just get better.”