Healthy Lifestyle

The Boys & Girls Club offers a variety of opportunities daily that can help members learn how to adopt a healthy diet, practice good lifestyle choices, and be committed to physical fitness.

Activities are offered for individuals, small groups, and large groups to enjoy all of the components that demonstrate a healthy lifestyle. Club members are encouraged to get up, get moving, and make a difference in their own health.

The Club offers small group games, daily fitness challenges, sports teams (both intramural and traveling), and more to help our members value and engage in healthy activities. Regularly, we offer healthy nutrition workshops as well as providing well-rounded meals and a healthy snack each day.

It is our hope that members will learn to make positive life choices, developing positive behaviors that will help them be healthy and successful as adults.

Healthy Lifestyles Programs throughout the year can include:

  • Triple Play
    • Mind – Healthy Habits, nutrition workshops
    • Body – Daily Fitness Challenges, 2 Triple Play Leadership Groups, Triple Play Games & tournaments
    • Soul
      • Team Sports Northeast New England Area Program Council – Basketball (5 teams), swim team, coed teen volleyball, indoor soccer, floor hockey, flag football

        Members are encouraged to get involved in activities that promote healthy living, smart food choices, as well as exercise.

      • Team Sports (other) – wrestling (6 teams – 4 middle, 1 high school, 1 K-4), wrestling camp, wrestling clinics, synchronized swim team, middle school hockey league
      • Intramural Sports – spring, summer and fall basketball leagues, flag football leagues, soccer
      • Granite State Youth Soccer league participant
      • IM Swim program
      • Miscellaneous healthy lifestyle program opportunities
        • Daily tournaments in Gamesroom
        • Low organized games in Gamesroom
        • On the spot fun in Gamesroom and other areas
        • Open Swim
        • Cooking Classes
        • Teen Fitness Center
        • Dance programs
        • Step Dance
        • Open Gym
        • Gym Group Games (i.e. dodge ball, knockout, kickball, matball, etc.)
    • CACFP Food program participant – serving breakfast and dinner during school year, and breakfast and lunch during summer programs.


Visit our Club at:
One Positive Place
Nashua, NH 03060

P: 603.883.0523