Academic Success

At the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Nashua, we want our members to graduate from high school, prepared to face their future, whether it is college, trade school, certificate program, military or employment.

Our programs and opportunities encourage life-long learning, goal setting and access to tools, mentors and resources that encourage academic success.

We value academic learning opportunities, while holding high expectations for members in regard to their education and providing them with opportunities to maintain their learning during out of school time, including addressing summer learning loss.

The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Nashua does play an important role in ensuring that our members continue learning year round, especially during the summer months. The Club offers a wide variety of Academic Success opportunities in our education spaces.


Academic Success Programs throughout the year can include:

  • Power Hour Homework Help
  • Tutoring

    Members of all ages are invited to get involved in educational programs that focus on academic enrichment during out of school time.

  • Technology Programming (Skill Tech, Lego Robotics, Photography/Visual Tech, Cyber Warriors program, Video programming with local public access station)
  • Goals for Graduation
  • Ledge Street Initiative (Partnership with local elementary school – free Club memberships and extracurricular time for positive behavior and achieving academic goals)
  • College Mentoring Program
  • Career Exploration
  • Project Learn High Yield Learning Activities – Creative Writing, science programming, comic book writing, book club, etc.
  • Pen Pal Club
  • Science of Sports Program with Raytheon engineers
  • Junior Staff
  • Money Matters
  • ELL Tutoring Program


Visit our Club at:
One Positive Place
Nashua, NH 03060

P: 603.883.0523