Triple Play Awards

Throughout the year, Club members are encouraged to engage in activities that improve their overall health, increase their daily physical activity, teach them good nutrition habits, and help them to develop positive relationships.

Members are encouraged to participate in group activities, including daily challenges, social recreation opportunities, as well as the Healthy Habits program. Activities are offered in 3 components:

  1. Mind – focused on helping youth to acquire healthy habits, including positive food choices, appropriate portion size and creating fun, balanced meals.
  2. Body – concentrated on promoting physical activity through daily fitness routines and physical activity opportunities, including group games and teams.
  3. Soul – encompassing social recreation activities that are critical to positive youth development, ensuring youth are able to develop and sustain positive relationships with others, acquire a healthy self-concept, strong belief in their self-worth, and coping with positive and adverse situations.

This event is offered to celebrate those members who have achieved personal and Club goals as well as demonstrate the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

WHAT: The Triple Play Awards Ceremony
WHEN: early July 2016
WHERE: The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Nashua

Opportunities for Members:

Youth, ages 8 to 18, will be celebrated for their achievements in the 3 components of Triple Play – Mind, Body & Soul, with their friends and families in attendance.

To support this event celebrating our Club members’ healthy lifestyles, please contact Ashley Fudala, at 603.883.0523 x228 or by email.


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