You needed us then. We need you now.

Welcome to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Nashua!

Share Your Stories

We welcome you as a former member of either the Boys Club or the Boys & Girls Club.

Because you are alumni of our Club, would you share your favorite stories and memories of our Club and its staff with us? You have a unique perspective on the Club and the staff that were present during your years here. Be sure to include your name and the years you attended the Club.

Get Involved

As an alumnus or alumna, you can become involved in the Club in a number of ways, including serving as:

  • Board of Directors volunteers
  • Staff volunteers
  • Donors
  • Tutors
  • Coaches
  • And much more!

Come Back and Visit

Please feel free to stop into our main facility at One Positive Place to visit the Clubhouse, and let us know what you are doing and where you have been since your Club days.

For more information, please contact:

Kurt Norris
Boys & Girls Club of Greater Nashua
One Positive Place
Nashua, NH 03060
(603) 883-0523 x213

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Do Clubs matter to our alumni?

An independent survey of alumni, conducted by Louis Harris & Associates in 2007, verifies that Boys & Girls Clubs widely benefit young people through effective programs that foster self-confidence, a sense of belonging and hope for the future.
Alumni stated that Club staff had a positive effect on their lives in many critical ways:

  • Knowing right from wrong (85%)
  • Self-confidence (82%)
  • Self-esteem as a child or adolescent (78%)
  • Learning good leadership skills (77%)
  • Having someone to talk to (76%)
  • Having goals and aspirations (67%)
  • Ability to avoid difficulty with the law (70%)

Despite challenges faced by many Club members, they equal or exceed the U.S. population in academic attainment. Nine in 10 Club alumni are graduating from high school, compared to 85% at the national level. Alumni are just as likely as the general U.S. population to earn a college degree (26%).

A majority of Club alumni believe it is important to be a good citizen and are actively involved in their community. Nearly half of alumni attribute this desire to give back to their Club participation.


Visit our Club at:
One Positive Place
Nashua, NH 03060

P: 603.883.0523