How to Help

It just takes one person to make a difference in the life of a child, you can be that person.

At our Club we welcome the support of volunteers, donors, sponsors and others who believe that every child deserves hope and opportunity.

Donors can make donations online, through the mail, and with appreciated securities. All gifts are gratefully accepted and unrestricted gifts of $1,000 or more enroll you in the leadership group of donors who gather in the fall at our annual giving campaign celebration and wine tasting.

Those interested in including the Club in their estate plans through a planned gift such as a bequest, 401k beneficiary designation, life insurance or charitable gift annuity are encouraged to join our Heritage Club.

Volunteers can find opportunities to work with children, on committees or on special events and campaigns. Volunteer work can be on a regular weekly or monthly basis, as needed, or when an opportunity arises that you are interested in helping with.

Groups of volunteers from local companies often spend a day at the Club working on a project that will have long lasting impact.

Sponsors include companies and individuals who want to support our special events and gain name/brand recognition and/or reach their target markets.

Donated goods and services may be accepted.  To donate, please contact Ashley Fudala. Cars, trucks, boats and other vehicles can be donated to the Club by calling 1-800-246-0493 and mentioning you’d like the proceeds to be donated to the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Nashua.


Visit our Club at:
One Positive Place
Nashua, NH 03060

P: 603.883.0523