Heritage Club

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in a bequest for the Boys & Girls Club.

One of the best ways you can provide hope and opportunity for greater Nashua’s youth is to ensure that your Boys & Girls Club will always be available for the young people of today as well as for generations to come. Making a donation through a bequest or planned gift is a great way to create a legacy of support for our kids while providing for your own future.

Planned giving offers significant benefits to you.

When you make a planned gift to our Boys & Girls Club, you will:

  • Potentially increase your income
  • Provide a way of satisfying your personal and financial goals
  • Receive substantial tax benefits

As you explore the following pages, you will discover the many ways you can partner with us in changing – and, indeed, saving young lives. You’ll also learn how you can secure your own future while providing for a brighter future for your Boys & Girls Club.

Find out more!

If you are interested in finding out more about the benefits associated with making a bequest, please contact Norman Bouthilette. All information related to your planned gift will be entirely confidential.

If you have already included the Boys & Girls Club in a bequest, life insurance policy, 401K or IRA, please let us know by contacting Norman Bouthilette. We would enjoy the opportunity to thank you and welcome you as a member of our Heritage Club. Also, it is very important to us that we make sure your intentions are carried out properly.

What is the Heritage Club?

The Heritage Club is an association of friends of Boys and Girls Clubs from all across the country. Like you, these people seek to ensure that the future needs of our nation’s youth are met by including Boys & Girls Clubs in their estate plans. This planning might include a will, charitable gift annuity, a trust arrangement, a real estate gift or a life insurance policy.

What are the benefits of membership in the Heritage Club?

When you join the Heritage Club, Boys and Girls Clubs will thank you by providing you with:

  • A publication on tax and estate planning.
  • personalized Heritage Club recognition plaque.
  • A lapel pin that indicates your leadership in the mission to guarantee a strong and stable future for our nation’s children.
  • Quarterly publications that let you know how your support is helping to change young lives.

A Foundation for the Future

Our Boys and Girls Club offers positive alternatives to children who may be surrounded by negative influences, showing them how to live successful and productive lives. Since 1971, our Club has provided a safe haven for young people by offering quality programs and critically important relationships with nurturing and reliable adults.

Your support through a planned gift will ensure that future generations of our children will have the opportunity to live successful lives in a safe, positive and caring environment.

How Can I Become a Member?

Joining the Heritage Club is easy! Simply communicate your intentions by signing and returning our enrollment form. For more information or assistance, you may request Norman Bouthilette contact you to discuss your specific estate planning needs and opportunities. Email or call him at (603) 883-0523, ext. 231.

Our Heritage Club Members

Ellen M. Arouchon+
Richard & Marie Barisano+
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Barrett
E.C. Beebe, Jr.+
Gilbert P. Bemis+
Marc R. Berube
Richard C. Berube+
Ken Bois+
Norm & Lisa Bouthilette+
David & Sarah Brassard+
Margaret Scott Carter*+
Patricia & Paul Casey
Michael & Karen Cerato+
Garry & Joanna Clarke-Pounder+
Mr. & Mrs. James B. Conway+
Mr. & Mrs. William E. Conway, Sr.+*
Susan Weidner Cooke+
Bridget Cooley
Mrs. Helen Costa+
Patricia Coughlin+
Cathy A. Crane+
Andrew & Alison Dillman+
Scott Dionne
William & Theresa Dube+
David M. Elliott+
Gary A. Gahan+
Gerry Gartner+
Teresa Gartner+
Dominick Giovinazzo+
Philip L. & Betty B. Hall+
David R. Heath Family+
Michael D. & Rosemary L. Jeans+
Ed Kaufman+
Harold B. Kelley*
Mary Jane & Curtis King+
Brian & Lisa Law
Lori & Jack Law+
Thanasi C. Liakos+
Brad Loggans
Mary Frances Loggans
Linda Lovering
Salvatore P. & Lois J. Magnano+
Janice & Fernand Martin
William E. McCabe+
Hannah McCarthy & Philip Rutledge+
Thomas J. McCartney+
David & Mary Ellen McDuffee+
Martin E. Mehron
Madge A. Mendoza*
Scott & Debbie Millin
Robert & Cynthia Moheban+
Tom & Jill Monahan
Diane Norris
Kurt Norris+
Doris & James A. O’Neil*
Deborah Owens+
William K. Phillips+
Kay & Fred Roedel+
Theresa M. Romano+
Matthew J. Russo
Leslie E. Sanderson+
Al & Marion Savage+
John & Marie Sias+
Maurice D. Simard, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Stahl+
Linda Stephenson+
Todd & Alexa Sullivan
Sam & Sharon Tamposi
Alice & Tom Welden
Beulah White*
Frank & Eleanor Whittemore

+Founding Member


Visit our Club at:
One Positive Place
Nashua, NH 03060

P: 603.883.0523